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8 September 2010
Apostolic Period (AD 33-100) (MP3)
Apostolic History (PDF Handout)
15 September 2010
Apostolic Period (AD 66-110) (MP3)
Time Chart (PDF Handout)
22 September 2010
Jewish Context (AD 33-160) (MP3)
Jewish Context (PDF Handout)
29 September 2010
Justin & Irenaeus (c. 170) (MP3)
Justin & Irenaues (PDF Handout)
6 October 2010
Clement of Alexandria vs. Tertullian (c. 200) (MP3)
13 October 2010
Rise of Roman Authoritarianism (c. 200) (MP3)
Rise of Roman Authoritarianism (PDF Handout)
20 October 2010
Battles of Bishops (3rd Century) (MP3)
Bishop Battles (PDF Handout)
27 October 2010
Constantine (293-330) (MP3)
Constantine (PDF Handout)
3 November 2010
The Canon of Scripture (MP3)
Canon of Scripture (PDF Handout)
10 November 2010
Development of Papacy (MP3)
Development of Papacy (PDF Handout)
17 November 2010
Regarding Augustin (MP3)
Nicence Canons of 325 (PDF Handout)
19 January 2011
Muhammad & the Muslims (7th Century) (MP3)
Basic Info On Muhammad (PDF Handout)
26 January 2011
Impact of Islam upon Christendom (7th-13th Centuries) (MP3)
Impact of Islam upon Christendom (PDF Handout)
9 February 2011
Protestant Pre-Cursors (12th-15th Centuries) (MP3)
Protestant Pre-Cursors (PDF Handout)
16 February 2011
The Protestant Revolution Begins (15th-16th Centuries) (MP3)
The Protestant Revolution (PDF Handout)
23 February 2011
Protestantism Spreads (16th Century) (MP3)
Protestants of the 16th Century (PDF Handout)
2 March 2011
Protestant Authoritarianism (17th Century) (MP3)
Protestant Authoritarianism (PDF Handout)
9 March 2011
Faith in the Colonies (17th Century) (MP3)
Colonial Faith (PDF Handout)
16 March 2011
The Great Awakening & After (18th Century) (MP3)
The Great Awakening & After (PDF Handout)
23 March 2011
Understanding The First Amendment (Late 18th Century) (MP3)
Primary Sources: First Amendment (PDF Handout)
30 March 2011
Events in Early America (MP3)
Early America (PDF Handout)
6 April 2011
Cane Ridge Revivalism & After (Early 1800's) (MP3)
Cane Ridge Revival (PDF Handout)
Last Will/Testament of Springfield Presbytery (PDF Handout)
13 April 2011
Roots of Restoration (Early 1800's) (MP3)
Restoration (PDF Handout)
27 April 20111
Christian American Controversies (Mid 1800's) (MP3)
Mid-1800's Controversies (PDF Handout)
4 May 2011
End of Slavery (Mid 1800's) (MP3)
End of Slavery & Other Huge Changes (PDF Handout)
11 May 2011
Conflicts of the late 19th Century (MP3)
Conflicts of the late 19th Century (PDF Handout)
18 May 2011
Marginalization of Biblical Christianity (MP3)
Marginalization of Biblical Christianity (PDF Handout)
25 May 2011
The Roaring Twenties (MP3)
The Roaring Twenties (PDF Handout)
1 June 2011
The American Way (MP3)
The American Way (PDF Handout)
8 June 2011
Judicial Secularization (MP3)
Judicial Secularization (PDF Handout)
15 June 2011
50's & 60's Counter-Revolutions (MP3)
50's & 60's (PDF Handout)
22 June 2011
Series Wrap-Up (No MP3: Recording Failed)
Defending The Faith (PDF Handout)