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Basic Bible Training for 2015

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Bible Overview Handout (PDF)
13 September 2015
Session One: (MP3)
Bible Overview & O.T. Canon
20 September 2015
Session Two: (MP3)
N.T. Canon & Inspiration
27 September 2015
Session Three: (MP3)
Transmission & Bible Study Methodology
Basic Bible Training Workbook (PDF)
4 October 2015
Session Four: (MP3)
God is Creator
Two Model Approach To Origins Handout (PDF)
11 October 2015
Session Five: (MP3)
God is I AM/Yahweh
18 October 2015
Session Six: (MP3)
God is One/Three
25 October 2015
Session Seven: (MP3)
God's Three Key Traits
1 November 2015
Session Eight: (MP3)
The Origin of Sin
8 November 2015
Session Nine: (MP3)
The Consequences of Sin
15 November 2015
Session Ten: (MP3)
The Sin Problem
22 November 2015
Session Eleven: (MP3)
Blood Atonement
29 November 2015
Session Twelve: (MP3)
Ministry of John the Immerser
6 December 2015
Session Thirteen: (MP3)
Jesus' Immersion
13 December 2015
Session Fourteen: (MP3)
God's Solution
20 December 2015
Session Fifteen: (MP3)
God's Solution
27 December 2015
Session Sixteen: (MP3)
God's Solution
3 January 2016
Session Seventeen: (MP3)
God's Solution
10 January 2016
Session Eighteen: (MP3)
BBT Wrap Up